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Manik and Nandini's Hospital Romance in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

This Video should cheer up those who are sad after watching Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Episode 100

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Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story ( Part 2)

Geum Jan-di watches Seo-Hyun and Ji-Hoo kissing through the slightly opened door. She closes the door and turns from there. She then bangs her head on the wall.
Gun Jun Pyo : If you faint here… It will be really embarrassing. It is not like you to faint. You know that right? 
Geum Jan-di : Who is fainting? (She walks towards Gun Jun Pyo and stands with him. The door opens and  Seo-Hyun and Ji-Hoo come out of the room.

Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun walks out of the room towards them. 
Seo-Hyun : Jan-di… I am happy you came. Since you came here… Why did you not come in? 
Geum Jan-di : I wanted to say thank you. I was about to come in. 
Seo-Hyun : The Party is boring, right? We are going out on a drive… want to come with us? 
Geum Jan-di : Oh… no! Gun Jun Pyo: Actually, We have another place to go to.
Seo-Hyun : We? Gun Jun Pyo : Yes! We are also going on a drive. 
Geum Jan-di : Yes… We are going for a drive. Good Bye!
Gun Jun Pyo : I will see you later… Come! ( He pulls Geum Jan-di close as Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun watches) I have paid my debt now for saving me from the pool. 
Geum Jan-di : I am your savior. How can you repay me like this?
Gun Jun Pyo : You want to go back there? 
Geum Jan-di : Stop! You have repayed me 10%.
Gun Jun Pyo : 50% Geum Jan-di : 25% (She walks from there. Gun Jun Pyo follows)

Gun Jun Pyo and Geum Jan-di are at a Restaurant. 
Geum Jan-di : It’s good. But why do I not see even a single customer?
Gun Jun Pyo : Because they were chased away. (They sit) 
Geum Jan-di : Why?
Gun Jun Pyo : I booked the place till morning, So do whatever you want. 
Geum Jan-di : What do I want to do?
Gun Jun Pyo : You can cry or scream out. We can call in the Security Guards if you want to beat up someone. 
Geum Jan-di : But why would I want to do like that?
Gun Jun Pyo : After you saw Ji-Hoo and Seo Hyun… did your heart not break? 
Geum Jan-di : That is ridiculous! A person like me can never be a rival to sister Seo Hyun. I am not pretty. My brain is not good as well. My family is really poor too.
Gun Jun Pyo : There is nothing great about your figure either. You have a bad temper also. 
Geum Jan-di : Right! So… How a messed up and unqualified person like me compete with Seo Hyun?
Gun Jun Pyo : Although there is no comparison… you are not the messed up one. You have the qualifications. 
Geum Jan-di : What? (Gun Jun Pyo looks away as her talks)
Gun Jun Pyo : If that foo Ji-Hoo had met you before Seo Hyun, he would have liked you for sure. Geum Jan-di : Are you telling the truth?
Gun Jun Pyo : Your family … your looks… your brain… even though these are all zero, you are the first woman Gun Jun Pyo has approved of. Your qualifications get full marks from me. I have to go to the washroom (Gum Jun Pyo goes from there). 

Jan-di feels hot and thirsty . She looks for water. She picks up a glass from the Bar Counter and drinks. Gum Jun Pyo returns and find Jan-di sleeping. He tries to wake her up. The Barman informs his that she had liquor) Get a hold on yourself Woman! (Geum Jandi lifts her head up and looks at him with half closed eyes) Geum Jan-di : You are right! I am a woman. An ordinary commoner can’t be a woman? With no background, Looks or brains… I know it too! There was no need for you to be so upfront. (Gun Jun Pyo sits next to her) I feel it everyday in my bones… you jerk!
Gun Jun Pyo: Jerk? 
Geum Jan-di : No! I have no time to think of those things. I am busy and have lots of things to do. I don’t have the appropriate birth right… but I have to attend a school meant for the arristocrates. I am bullied by students. I have to do part time jobs to run my house as my Dad always gets into trouble. And the school fees… I have to make time for swimming to earn my scholarship. I don’t have the time to accompany rich boys like you and play love games. (She becomes unconscious again)
Gun Jun Pyo: You alcoholic… You Gangster… Get up! (Geum Jan-di lifts her head and laughs) 
Geum Jan-di : I am a little sad today. I am a little upset… Gun Jun Pyo… you punk… Why are you smiling like that? (She slaps on his face thrice playfully) . I am feeling good… So I will let you go this time. 50%. I will give you a discount since you saved my life. Thank you Gun Jun Pyo… You saved me today. I can’t do anything for you… So instead… (She pulls him by the collar towards her. She raises her head to kiss him but faints mid way. Gun Jun Pyo smiles. Jan-di raises her head again and looks at him. Then she vomits on his suit)

Gun Jun Pyo’s house. The servants are working. Geum Jan-di is waking up. 
Geum Jan-di : I know this place should be really expensive by the smell. (She gets up) Gun Jun Pyo : You are a complete wipe out. ( He is sitting on a chair, reading the newspaper. Jan-di realizes that she is in his house and her clothes are changed) How did I become like this? Why am I here?
Gun Jun Pyo : I bought you here. 
Geum Jan-di : What I am asking is why am in your house and not mine.
Gun Jun Pyo : Don’t you remember? (He snaps his fingers. The Manager and maid walks in. The maid is having a suit in her hand. The Manager starts talking about the suit. Gun Jun Pyo stops him when he was about to say the price) That’s sufficient. You want to scare her? (Manager smiles and leaves with the maid) Geum Jan-di : I am in no mood to hear about your clothes.
Gun Jun Pyo : That’s the suit I wore yesterday. 
Geum Jan-di : How does the suit you wore concern me at all?
Gun Jun Pyo : I wore it for the first time yesterday… But it became the last time I will be wearing it… Thanks to you. (She remembers and looks down) Do you remember now? (she nods her head). I bought you to my place since you were in a bad condition. You wanted to go home like that? 
Geum Jan-di : Sorry! 
Gun Jun Pyo : I informed your family. They did not seem to worry.
Geum Jan-di : I will leave now. Sorry for creating so much trouble. (Manager comes and informs that Madame has arrived. Gun Jun Pyo is scared and gets up).

Gun Jun Pyo’s mother walks into the House followed by her Secretary. She asks for Gun Jun Pyo. The manager informs her that he is in the second floor. She tells the Manager that she needs Gun Jun Pyo’s help for an event and to make sure that he does not slip away from the house. Geum Jan-di is sitting in a sofa in the room. Gun Jun Pyo pulls her by hand from there and takes her to another room. He then makes an emergency call to the F4 gang. He tells them that the Witch came back suddenly and Jan-di is in his room.

The F4 are  in the room with Jan-di.
So Yi-jeong : There is a strange girl in son’s room… and it is just a Geum Jan-di. How is she going to react? I am curious to know.
Song Woo-bin : Tomorrow morning Jun Pyo would be send to Alaska.
Yoon Ji-hoo : But first she will employ a hit man 
Geum Jan-di : What? Is she that scary? 
Song Woo-bin :  When we went to Summer Camp in 6th grade, we escaped. Do you remember?
So Yi-jeong : We almost died that day. So how could we forget about it? (Gun Jun Pyo recalls the incident. Of being brought back to the forest by commando’s and the witch coming there to punish them. Geum Jan-di is shocked. So Yi-jeong talks to a lady in the housekeeping and asks for help).

Madame walks to Jun Pyo’s room. She opens the door and walks in. The F4 greets her. She sees Geum Jan-di who is dressed elegantly and asks who she is.
Geum Jan-di : Hello!
Gun Jun Pyo : She is my Guest… So it is none of your Business.
Kang Hee Soo : She is my Guest as well as she is in my house. Isn’t that so miss? (Yoon Ji-hoo walks to Jan-di and sits on the arm of the chair. He puts his hand on her shoulder) 
Yoon Ji-hoo : She is our friend.
Kang Hee Soo : Friend?
So Yi-jeong : Yes… She is our school junior . We let her join F4 specially as our mascot because she looks so cute. 
Kang Hee Soo : Which family’s daughter are you? What does your father do? 
Geum Jan-di : My father is…
Yoon Ji-hoo : He is a Businessman. 
Kang Hee Soo : Is it so? What kind?
Song Woo-bin : Clothes! I mean Fashion … (Geum Jan-di nods her head) 
Kang Hee Soo : That’s quite interesting. Would you be interested in today’s charity auction?
So Yi-jeong : Yes… Not only is she interested… She bought with her Bella Song’s new work which will be the dark horse for the auction tonight. 
Kang Hee Soo : It looks like your mother has very good taste. What work does she do? (Secretary walks in)
Secretary : Chairman… It’s time to welcome the Guests. (The Secretary and Jan-di recognizes each other) Kang Hee Soo : Jun Pyo you stay behind to guard your position. You Guys too… Since it is for a good cause , help out as well. (She leaves from there and the guys are re leaved) 

Geum Jan-di : How can you lie like that? How can do do the damage control now? We should have just told the truth instead.
So Yi-jeong : You mean we should have told that your father runs a Dry cleaning Business and your mother runs a public bath? If we would have done that not only you but your family also would have encountered the consequences
Song Woo-bin : You will lose your life once she singles you out. It’s no joke. 
Geum Jan-di looks at Jun Pyo : Is this hereditary? (Jun Pyo leaves a sigh)

The Auction is happening. Geum Jan-di and Jun Pyo are standing together . The auctioneer is bidding for swimmer Park Tae Hwan’s goggles. Geum Jan-di is happy seeing the goggles and looks at it. Jun Pyo notices it. The bid was won for 10 million won by a telephone caller. Next item to be auctioned was a vase by So Yi-jeong . The third item on auction is a suit of Jun Pyo. He wears the suit and walks the ramp. As the bids go on Kang Hee Soo comes there with her Secretary. Kang Hee Soo spots Geum Jan-di and walks towards her. Before she could reach there, Yoon Ji-hoo comes near and takes her from there. The next item to be auctioned is Bella Song Dress. The 3 Guys are with Jan-di and pushing her to walk on the ramp. Jan-di tells them that she can’t do it. The Guys push her and after a slight hesitation she starts walking . She stumbles 2-3 times and Kang Hee Soo becomes suspicious. 
Kang Hee Soo : What is Jun Pyo upto these days? 
Secretary : He is more well behaved these days… and he is taking school more seriously.
Kang Hee Soo : Do you know that female student? (He remembers being at Jan-di’s house)
Secretary : As per what I know, She is a transfer student at Shinhwa High 
Kang Hee Soo : Find out about her family 
Secretary : I will do that!

Geum Jan-di shows the Park Tae Hwan goggles to her family. Her Brother tells that it is worth more than 2 million won. Jan-di’s mother insists that they sell it for money. Jan-di snatches the goggles and run to her room. She looks at the goggles. She recalls Jun Pyo escorting her to the door. 
Geum Jan-di : I will leave now. Anyway, Thank you!
Jun Pyo : What? I did not hear what you said. 
Geum Jan-di : Thank you! Jun Pyo : A simple thank you would have been sufficient. Why did you have to add “anyway”… That’s right! You are rather prideful as you are a commoner. 
Geum Jan-di : You were pretending when you heard me already. Cancelled! Jun Pyo : What? Geum Jan-di : My thankyou… That’s right! People won’t change that easily. I am leaving!
Jun Pyo : Hey grass! 
Geum Jan-di : What? (He throws a folder at her and she catches it) Don’t ever drink when I am not around. (He turns and walks away) 

Geum Jan-di puts the goggles in her drawers.

Next day Geum Jan-di swims in the pool. The F4 Guys are in the classroom studying with the exception of Yoon Ji-hoo. Jun Pyo is staring at the empty seat lost in his thoughts. Jan-di waits for Yoon Ji-hoo at the school terrace, but he does not come. She finds Ji-hoo is at his usual place at the outer premises of the school playing violin with tears flowing from his eyes. She reaches the school pool area and finds Seo-Hyun there. 
Geum Jan-di : Why are you here?
Min Seo-Hyun : I came here because I had to process my school withdrawal. I also wanted to see you one last time before I leave, so I came here to try my luck. I was lucky! 
Geum Jan-di : leaving School? You really won’t be coming back?
Min Seo-Hyun : I am afraid so… 
Geum Jan-di : When will you be leaving?
Min Seo-Hyun : Tomorrow! 
Geum Jan-di : So soon? There is no time to say thanks to you then. I will have not returned the favors I owe you.
Min Seo-Hyun : I will really be disappointed if you say things like that. I knew from the first time we met that you are the person that our Ji-Hoo always smiles when mentioning. It’s you Jan-di. (Ji-hoo sees Seo-Hyun’s Car and walks to the school. He spots Min Seo-Hyun and Jan-di together talking. Jan-di gets up and kneels in front of Seo-Hyun. 
Seo-Hyun : What are you doing? 
Geum Jan-di : I was a fan of yours for a long time, even before I met you in person. And so, I understand why you made such a decision more than many others. But still… I am begging you not to leave. 
Seo-Hyun : Get up from there… 
Geum Jan-di : I know really well that I have no right to beg you like this and you are under no obligations to listen to me. .. But I don’t know what to do other than this.
Seo-Hyun : Is it because of Ji-hoo? (Ji-Hoo is also listening to the conversation stealthily. Jan-di has tears in her eyes)
Geum Jan-di : I do not know anything at all about Ji-Hoo Senior. But I know how valuable you are to him. When I see him, why does he always have an unknown sadness? But he will still smile sometimes (Ji-Hoo walks from there) … and can melt other peoples hearts. It’s really warm. Sister, you are the only person that can make him smile. If you leave like this… there is a possibility that he may never smile again. (Seo-Hyun gets up from the bench and pull Jan-di from the floor. She makes her sit on the bench.
Min Seo-Hyun : Jan-di… Whatever decisions I have made are similar to shopping overseas. There won’t be another chance if I do not stay firm at this moment, I know very well how cruel those feelings of regret are. Ji-Hoo is a precious person to me as well and he feels the same way as you. So I feel, he would not want to see me living in regrets as well. How do you feel about this?
Geum Jan-di : Sorry! I am sorry…
Min Seo-Hyun : Actually I am happy that you are telling me these things. Thanks! (She takes a pair of sandels from a bag)
Geum Jan-di : You are going to give me these?
Min Seo-Hyun : I told you before. Shoes are the most important things. I hope that these shoes will bring you a good place for sure. I have something to request from you as well. Help our Ji-Hoo regain his smile again. 

Geum Jan-di is walking back home from school. She sees Ji-Hoo waiting for her. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : What were you doing? Who are you to do such things? Did anyone ask you for that kind of favor from you? That isn’t even a favor… that is groveling. Don’t you have any pride? 
Geum Jan-di : I did it not because I don’t have pride, It is because you were hurting too much. Because you are sad… 
Yoon Ji-hoo : How does it matter to you? Get lost!
(Episode ends)

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Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story (Part 1)

Geum Jan-di makes an entrance to the hall with Min Seo-Hyun. The F4 Guys look on with a smile. Min Seo-Hyun leaves Geum Jan-di at the door and walks toward Ji-Hoo.  Geum Jan-di stand there smiling.     Gu Jun Pyo is awestruck and drops his plate.
Min Seo-Hyun : It is not gentlemanly to ignore such a beautiful lady. (She pushes Ji-Hoo forward. Ji-Hoo walks to Geum Jan-di and extends his hand to her as Gu Jun Pyo looks on. He then takes her to the dance floor and dances with her. She happily sways with Ji-Hoo without noticing that she is standing on his shoes. She thinks if she is having a dream and standing in the midst of the clouds. Ji-Hoo thinks that it would be nice if she takes her feet off his shoes. (The evil trio looks at the Couple in envy).
Song Woo-bin : She looks like another person
So Yi-jeong : Definitely Min Seo-Hyun’s work. Maybe I should take her to the next exhibition as my Partner. (Gu Jun Pyo is annoyed seeing Geum Jan-di dancing with Ji-Hoo and walks out from there)

Gu Jun Pyo reaches the poolside and kicks on throws things to control his anger. Ji-Hoo is now dancing with Min Seo-Hyun. Gu Jun Pyo is sitting in a chair and watching her dance. After watching them for sometime, She gets up and walks from there. Gun Jun Pyo sits on a lounge chair on the side of the pool. He then sees a cockroach. The cockroach gets into his coat and he tries to tries to get rid of it. Geum Jan-di is coming down towards the pool. Gu Jun Pyo is in the middle of the pool drowning. He shouts for help.

A Guy comes to the Party hall and announces that Gun Jun Pyo fell into the pool. The F4 Guys run followed by other students. A girl asks So Yi-jeong why he is nervous. So Yi-jeong tells that Gun Jun Pyo can’t swim. They reach the poolside to see Gun Jun Pyo out of the pool unconscious and Jan-di trying to get the water out of him.
Geum Jan-di : Gu Jun Pyo… Open your eyes! Hurry up and breathe Gu Jun Pyo…  (She hits him on his chest) Gun Jun Pyo… get up! (Min Seo-Hyun also comes there.
Seeing no response from Gu Jun Pyo, Jan-di gives him a Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation as the students watch. She bends a third time and notices Gu Jun Pyo’s eyes open. He pulls her towards him and spits water on her face. She looks at him shocked. Gu Jun Pyo smiles and sits up. Geum Jan-di hits him on his face and gets up.
Geum Jan-di : You are such a scum. (She takes the sandals in her hand and walks from there. Gu Jun Pyo smiles. Song Woo-bin and So Yi-jeong are amused and smiles too. Yoon Ji-hoo has a serious look on his face). 

Geum Jan-di is brushing her teeth. She remembers the Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and is angry. Gun Jun Pyo is having a cold. He tells the Manager to prepare the Car to go to school. Geum Jan-di touches the door handle and some glue sticks to her hand. She comes to the pond wearing swimming costume and sees ducks swimming inside. She is angry and shouts Gun Jun Pyo’s name. Gun Jun Pyo looks at her expression on his Computer and laughs. Geum Jan-di : Let me catch you. I swear I won’t go easy on you. (Gu Jun Pyo laughs. Song Woo-bin and So Yi-jeong are standing at the counter)

So Yi-jeong : He asked us to come early and he had been like this whole day…
Song Woo-bin : This is the first time I saw him work hard at something.
So Yi-jeong : But the question is, Why torture a poor transfer student?
Song Woo-bin : Also, Didn’t she save his life?
So Yi-jeong : Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Don’t you think that should be applied in this situation?
Gu Jun Pyo : What are you Guys saying? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you? This is my way of saying thanks to her. Why else would I do such boring things?
So Yi-jeong : Normal people won’t feel grateful for something like this.
Gu Jun Pyo : Stop! Now is it your turn to scold me since Ji-Hoo is not here.
So Yi-jeong : Really? Where is he?
Song Woo-bin : Ever since we came back, I don’t know what happened… he is depressed.
So Yi-jeong : It may be a lovers quarrel… What else could it be? Min Seo-Hyun is hard to please
Gu Jun Pyo : He is beating around the bust. If you like a girl, You should just grab her and kiss her. How hard can it be? (He looks at the Computer screen and laughs). 

Ji-Hoo is playing violin and the string breaks. He keeps the violin down and sits on the bench near by. Jan-di comes and stands in front of him. Ji-Hoo looks up. She sees his bleeding finger and kneels in front of him. She takes a handkerchief from her pocket and starts tying it around the wound. 
Jan-di : I will leave after tying this. (The evil trio records its on their camera. Jan-di gets up and leaves from there after placing her umbrella over the violin to save it from snow fall. Ji-Hoo turns his face after she goes from there. He sees his violin safe from snow)

Gu Jun Pyo is in the swimming pool on a floating boat looking happy. The trio walks towards the pool. He hear foot steps.
Gu Jun Pyo : What time is it? Why are you late? As a swimmer, how can you not focus on your swimming practice.

Gu Jun Pyo is watching the video taken by girls. The girls tries to poison the mind of Gu Jun Pyo by talking bad about Jan-di.
Gu Jun Pyo : Shut up! If you say a word… I will snap your neck. (He throws the camera on the floor breaking it and walks from there) 

Geum Jan-di is in the school. She comes to the place where Ji-Hoo normally practices, and looks around. Gu Jun Pyo appears from behind. She turns to walk back and comes face to face with Gu Jun Pyo.
Gu Jun Pyo : Are you disappointed that it was not the person you wanted to see? 
Geum Jan-di : Gun Jun Pyo why are you here?
Gu Jun Pyo : Why? Can I not come here? Have you two rented this place? (Geum Jan-di tries to walk away from there. Gun Jun Pyo stops her by holding on her hand) Where are you going? 
Geum Jan-di : I have nothing to say to you… So I am going home. Why?
Gu Jun Pyo : I have something to say… 
Geum Jan-di : Say it and let me go…
Gu Jun Pyo : Who do you think you are? You think you can toy on me? Toy with F4… 
Geum Jan-di : Who is toying whom? Let me go! (She pulls her hand away)
Gu Jun Pyo : I am letting you go because I think you are cute. Am I a joke? I don’t know if you know that I am not the kind of person who repays what is given to me. I am dissatisfied repaying an equal amount. (He pulls Jan di towards him) 
Geum Jan-di : What are you doing? (Gu Jun Pyo forcefully tries to kiss her and she tries to escape) 
Geum Jan-di : I don’t want to… (She screams. Gun Jun Pyo leaves her)
Gun Jun Pyo : Am I that loathsome? (He walks away from there. Jan-di sits down crying). 

Geum Jan-di is sleeping. Her Mother asks her if she is not going to school. She replies that she is not going. Her Brother comes and tells that it is a no school day. He hands over an invitation delivered for her. Her mother grabs it and reads the Party invite. Her Parents are excited and looks for a dress for her to wear to the Party. Her Parents are disappointed that there is no dress Jan-di can wear. A girl then comes in with a Box in hand and tells them that it is a gift from Min Seo-Hyun to Geum Jan-di. Geum Jan-di arrives at the Party Hall. So Yi-jeong is surrounded by some clingy girls. He spots Jan-di and uses her to escape the girls. He escorts her to were Song Woo-Bin and Gun Jun Pyo are standing. She greets Woo-Bin. Her expression changes when she sees Jun Pyo.
Gu Jun Pyo : Why are you here?
Geum Jan-di : Sister Min Seo-Hyun invited me here.
Gu Jun Pyo : Did you empty a Department Store?
So Yi-jeong : She came late last time too. Geum Jan-di… You look pretty when you are dressed up.
Song Woo-Bin : Right! You look the cutest here today.
Gu Jun Pyo : Who is cute? Can a pumpkin turn a watermelon by drawing lines on it?
So Yi-jeong : Jun Pyo said the right idiom for the first time.

Min Seo-Hyun comes to the Hall with Yoon Ji-hoo. Everyone claps. Someone hands over a violin to Ji-hoo and a cake is bought to the room. Everybody sings Happy Birthday and Gun Jun Pyo watches Jan-di singing. Min Seo-Hyun blows the candle. Ji-hoo walks from there. Jan-di looks at him.
Min Seo-Hyun : Thank you everyone for attending my 23rd Birthday Party. I would like to thank my Mom and Dad for their care … and the love of my friends. I want to use this gathering to tell you something.
So Yi-jeong : Where did Ji-hoo go? Are they announcing their engagement?
Min Seo-Hyun : I will be returning to Paris this week end. I don’t think I will be coming back. The modeling firm and I have arranged everything. Thanks to my Parents… I can enjoy life without having to work hard. But I want to use my abilities and make a name for myself. So I won’t be taking over my Parents Law firm. What I want is a life where I can experience a broader world. If I didn’t do this I don’t think I would have been able to convince the people around me. So I set the stage. Everyone, you must be happy. (She walks from there).

So Yi-jeong : Min Seo-Hyun is full of surprises.
Song Woo-Bin : Ji-Hoo… Did he already know about this?
Gu Jun Pyo : Now we know why he was depressed all this time. (Geum Jan-di walks from there) 

Ji-Hoo is in a room looking at a doll. Min Seo-Hyun comes in a sites in front of him. Min Seo-Hyun : You still have this? I remember… That was the first summer we spend apart from each other. 
Ji-Hoo : You remember… 
Seo-Hyun : It was from that time onwards you stopped calling me sister. 
Ji-Hoo : What am I to you? (Seo-Hyun gets up and places her hand on his shoulder)
Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is angry? (Ji-Hoo pushes her hand away and throws the doll to the dustbin) 
Ji-Hoo : I feel like I am been thrown away.
Seo-Hyun : If there anything here that cannot be thrown away… it’s you! ( Ji-Hoo gets up and walks)
Ji-Hoo :  Don’t lie to me!  
Seo-Hyun : I am not lying to you. I wouldn’t mind you looking at other women. 
Ji-Hoo : What do you mean? 
Seo-Hyun : If you ran towards that girl… I didn’t understand why my heart suddenly sank. Funny… right? Ji-Hoo : I am not in a mood for jokes. 
Seo-Hyun : I also felt happy seeing Ji-Hoo turn a Man 
Ji-Hoo : Don’t joke! (He sits on the cot again) You always do what you want. I can’t stay close… nor can I stay away. You will wind me up one day… and ignore me the next day. I am only a toy to you. 
Seo-Hyun : If I lost you…I wouldn’t be able to sleep. (He gets up and catches Seo-Hyun by her shoulders) Ji-Hoo : Now tell me who is looking at whom. For the past 15 years, I have only looked at you. Isn’t that sufficient for you? I am also a man… I want to hold you like a man. (They hug) 
Seo-Hyun : I know! I am sorry Ji-Hoo! I am really sorry! (They kiss. Jan-di is looking through the slightly opened door. She closes the door and turns from there).
Episode ends

Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story (Part 2)
Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Video

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Boys Over Flowers Episode 3 video

Boys Over Flowers Episode 3 video
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Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story Synopsis

Boys over Flowers Episode 3 Story Synopsis 

Min Seo Hyun makes an entrance with Jan-di at the party. Min Seo Hyun leaves Jan-di at the door of the Party Hall and walks to Ji-Hoo. The F4 is amazed to see how beautiful Jan-di looks. Gun Pyo is stunned by her beauty and drops his plate. Min Seo Hyun tells Ji-Hoo that it is not gentlemanly to leave a beautiful girl like that and pushes him to bring Jan-di to the Party Hall. Ji-Hoo goes near Jan-di and asks for her hand. She shyly gives puts her hand on his dance and he takes her to the dance floor. As she dances she thinks, “Is this a dream? It feels that my feet are floating in the air and not touching the ground”. Jun Pyo is annoyed seeing them dancing and drinks. The Trio also looks at the dance floor with envy. Song Woo Bin and So Yi Jung also appreciates Jan-di’s looks and Jun Pyo gets annoyed further. He storms out of the Party Hall and takes his frustration on the poolside furniture. Jan-di looks at Yoon Ji Hoo dancing with Min Seo Hyun for a while and gets out of the Party Hall. Jun Pyo sits on a poolside lounge and gets scared seeing a cockroach near him (He is scared of bugs). The cockroach flies towards him and in an effort to get rid of it, Jun Pyo moves and falls into the swimming pool. Geum Jan Di on her way out hears a splash. Goo Joon Pyo is drowning as he has the fear for swimming. A student comes to the Party Hall and tells that Jun Pyo has fallen into the pool. The rest of F4 rushes to the poolside followed by the students of Shinhwa High. Twhen they reach the poolside they see that Jan-di has already rescued Jun Pyo. She performs chest compression and Heimlich maneuver on Jun Pyo but Jun Pyo remains unconscious. Jan-di then performs a CPR on him. Jun Pyo opens his eyes on her 3rd attempt and tries to pull her down to him. Geum Jan Di struggles away and punches him . She them calls him and obscene idiot and storms away from there. Jun Pyo smiles and his friends except Ji-Hoo are amused.
At home, Jun-Pyo is in a happy and relaxed mood. He asks Butler Lee to make the arrangements for going to school. Jan-di dresses in her swim suit and hold the door knob. She is angry finding it coated with some transparent gel. She goes to the swimming pool and find ducks swimming there. She screams Gun Pyo’s name. Gun Pyo watches her reaction on his computer screen and laughs. So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin are amused seeing Jun Pyo’s behavior. They asks him why he is torturing a transfer student who saved his life. Jun Pyo tells that it is his way of expressing gratitude to her. So Ji Yung tells him that a normal person being bullied and treated as such would not feel that this is gratitude. He scolds them for taking Ji-Hoo’s place and picking on his faults in his absence.
Yoon Ji Hoon playing his violin at the outside premises of the school. Suddenly the string snaps and Ji-Hoo gets a cut in his finger. Ji-Hoo puts down his violin and sits on a bench near by. Geum Jan Di comes and stands in front of him. He looks at her and then looks away. She takes out her handkerchief and folds it. The trio sees this and records them. Jan-di ties the hand kerchief on his finger and leaves after keeping her umbrella on top of his violin to save it from the show fall. After Geum Jan Di walks away, Yoo Ji Hoo looks at his bandaged finger and also notices the umbrella giving shed to the violin.
Jun Pyo is in the school swimming pool on a floating boat and is waiting for Jan-di. The trio shows him the video clip of Jan-di with Jun-Pyo. The girls try to poison Jun Pyo’s mind my talking bad about Jan-di. Jun Pyo tells them that he will snap their necks if they say anything and throws the camera on the floor angrily.

The next day, Jan-di looks for Ji-Hoo at the school but does not find him. She looks for him at the school outer premises and is confronted by Jun Pyo. He is angry seeing Jan-di’s proximity with Ji-Hoo and her dislike for him. Jun Pyo questions her for toying with him. He then forcibily tries to kiss her. She struggles and tries to push him away with a frightened look on her face. Jun Pyo leaves her saying, “ Am I that loathsome?” and goes from there. Jan-di sits down crying.
The next day, Jan-di gets a Party invite to attend Seo Hyun’s Birthday Party. Seo Hyun also sends her a dress for her to wear as a gift. Jan-di arrives at the Party. Yi Jeong spots her and uses her to escape the clingy girls he is with. He brings Jan-di to where Jun Pyo and Song Woo Bin are standing. Jun Pyo asks her why she is there. Jan di tells him that she was invited by Min Seo Hyun. So Yi Jeong and Song Woo Bin appreciates Jan-di’s beauty while jun Pyo tells them that a pumpkin cannot be turned into a watermelon by drawing lines on it. Just then, Min Seo Hyun comes to the Party Hall with Ji-Hoo. Ji-Hoo plays the violin as Min Seo Hyun blows the candles on her Birthday cake. Ji-Hoo goes from there as Seo Hyun gives her Birthday speech. Jan-di notices it and concerned for Ji-Hoo. Seo Hung tells the crowd that she will be going to Paris to concentrate on her career and would not be returning back. After the speech, Min Seo Hyun also goes from there. Jun Pyo remarks that now they know why Ji-Hoo was depressed. Jan-di goes from there looking for Ji-Hoo. She overhears Min Seo Hyun’ s conversation with Ji-Hoo and witnesses their kiss. Geum Jan Di silently closes the door that was ajar and bangs her head on the wall for being a fool. Gun Pyo tells her that if she collapes and faints it will be really an embarrassment. The door of the room opens and Seo Hyun walks out with Ji-Hoo. Jan-di acts as if she came just then with Jun Pyo. They have a casual conversation and Min Seo Hyun invites Jan-di to go with her and Ji-Hoo for a drive. Jun-Pyo interferes and tells that he and Jan-di are going for a drive and whisks her from there. He tells Jan-di that he has rescued her as a reimbursement for saving from the pool.
Jun Pyo take her to a lounge and they sit near the bar counter. He tells her that he has booked the place till morning so that she could deal with the heart break of seeing Yoo Ji Hoo with Seo Hyun. He tells her that she could scream or cry as she wish. He adds that if she wishes to punch someone, he can call the bouncer of the club. Jan-di complains that she is no challenge for someone like Min Seo Hyun as she is not pretty, intelligent or rich. Jun Pyo tells her that she does not have a body shape to be compared with Seo Hyun and has a temper. Jan-di agrees and tells her that she does not qualify at all in any way. Jun Pyo tells her that she definitely qualifies and that if Ji-Hoo had met her first , he would have fallen for her. Jan-di is happy hearing it. He adds that she is the first girl he has approved of and tells her that she gets full marks from him. Jun Pyo excuses himself and goes to the wash room to calm himself.
Jan-di feels hot and thirsty. She picks up a clear looking liqued from the Bar counter and drinks it thinking it is water. Goo Joon Pyo comes back and finds Geum Jan Di sleeping. The bartender tells him that she drank alcohol. Jun Pyo sits next to Jan-di and she opens her eyes. She is intoxicated and vents her feelings to him. She tells him that she is aware that she has no family background, good looks or brain and there was no need for him to spell it out so clearly. She calls him a wretched brat and tells him that she had no choice that joining the school to save money as her father always got into financial problems.She tells that she works part time to support the family. She tells him that she does not have the time or space to entertain rich esquires or play dating games with them. She falls asleep again. Jun Pyo tries to wake her up. Geum Jan di suddenly gets up and smiles brightly. She calls him a wretched brat again. Jun Pyo is amused and smiles. She asks him why he is smiling and slaps his face out of fun. She then tank him for being her savior . She grabs him by collar and brings him closer to her. She then tries to kiss him but collapses instead. Gun Pyo smiles but all of the sudden Jan di raises her head and pukes on him.
Jan di wakes up in Jun Pyo’s room and sees him sitting on a chair reading newspaper. She asks him why she is in his house. He tells her that it is because he brought her there and asks her if she remembers anything. When Jun Pyo snaps his fingers Butler Lee and a servant comes there holding JunPyo’s overcoat. Butler Lee talks about the Brand and specifications of the coat. When he is about to tell the price Jun Pyo stops him telling not to shock her. Jun Pyo tells her that it was the coat he was wearing the previous night and for the last time. Geum Jan di recalls what happened at the Club and is guilty. He tells her that in her condition he could not have taken her to her house. Jan di apologizes and tells her that she would leave from there immediately. Butler Lee then comes to the room and tell that the Mistress has returned. Jun Pyo is shocked and scared.
Kang Hee Soon arrives at the house with PA Jung Sang Rok and asks Butler Lee about Jun Pyo. She tells the Butler not to allow Jun Pyo to slip away as she needs him to participate in a Charity event. Jun Pyo pulls Jan-di to a room and closes the door. He then informs the rest of the F4 that there is an Emergency. He tells them that ‘the Witch’ has returned and that Jan di is in his room.
The F4 members are in the room with Jan-di and Jun Pyo. So Yi Jung asks what would be the reaction of Jun Pyo’s mother if she finds a girl of Jan-di’s status in her sons room.Song Woo Bin tells that she may send Jun Pyo on an exile to Alaska. Jan di asks them if Jun Pyo’s mother is really that frightening. The f4 narrates to her the story of what happened to them at the Summer Camp when they were in the 6th grade. Later, So Yi Jeong talks to a woman and asks her for a favour. Some one is styling Jan-di’s hair and applying make up on her.
Kang Hee Soon opens the room and walks in. Ji-Hoo, Song Woo Bin and So Yi Jeong greets her. Jun Pyo is sitting on a chair. Kang Hee Soon then spots Jan-di and asks the Guys about her. Jun Pyo tells her not to bother and the girl is his guest. Kang Hee Soon tells that since the girl is in her house, she is also her guest. She inquires about Jan-di. Yoo Ji Hoo goes and sit by Jan-di by resting his arm on her shoulders. He tells Kang Hee Soon that she is his friend. Not satisfied with the answer, Kang Hee Soon tries to digg for more information. The Boys make up a story and tells Kang Hee Soon that they have included the girl in their group as a special mascot for F4. Kang Hee Soon asks Jan-di about her family. Before she could tell anything, the Boys tell Kang Hee Soon that her father is a Businessman in the fashion Business famous for its Lingerie line. Geum Jan Di nods in acknowledgement. Kang Hee Soon is impressed and asks Jan di if she has any interest in the auction event. So Yi Jeong tells Jun Pyo’s Mother that she has an interest in the auction and also donating a designer dress from her collection. Before Kang Hee Soon could question Jan-di further, Jung Sang Rok walks into the room and informs about Guest waiting. He recognizes Jan di but keeps silence. Kang Hee Soon asks them all to help with the event as it is for a good cause and leaves the room. The Guys leave a sigh. Jan-di is annoyed by the lies but the Guys reasons with her.
At the Auction, Jan-di is standing with Jun Pyo and the rest of F4 are standing together. Jan di is surprised to see Olympic gold medalist swimmer Park Tae Hwan’s swimming goggles in the auction. The goggles bid starts from 500,000 and gets sold for 10 million through a telephone call. Song Yi Jung ‘s vase from his ceramic collection and Jun Pyo’s designer clothes are also auctioned. The F4 notices Kang Hee Soon walking towards Jan-di as Jun Pyo is on the ramp modelling. Ji-Hoo immediately goes to her aide and takes her away from there telling that it is her turn next. Jan-di is standing with the F4 wearing some designer clothes. They push her to the lime light. Jan-di stumbles but plucks up her courage and walks elegantly showing off her clothes. Kang Hee Soon notices Jun Pyo looking at Geum Jan Di with interest. She asks Jung Sang Rok how Jun Pyo is doing. Jung Sang Rok tells her that Jun Pyo is behaving properly and also concentrating in his studies. She asks him if he know s the girl. Jung Sang Rok tells her that she is a transfer student to Shinhwa school. Kang Hee Soon asks him to check about the girl’s family.
Jan-di is at her house and they are talking about Park Tae Hwan’s swimming goggles. Geum Kang San checks the internet and tells his family that Park Tae Hwan’s goggles, is worth minimum of 2 million. Jan di’s mother insists that they sell it off. Geum Jan di tells that it is too precious to be sold. She snatches the goggles from her mother and runs into her room closing the door behind her. In her room, she recalls Jun Pyo throwing the pouch containing the Park Tae Hwan goggles for her to catch and telling her not to drink alcohol when he is not around. Geum Jan di packs the goggles in the pouch and keeps it in her desk drawer.
Next day, Jan-di swims in the school swimming pool without any obstructions. The F4 (except Ji-Hoo) is in the class while a private tutor is taking the classes. Jan-di looks for Ji-Hoo but does not find him in his usual place. Later, she sees him playing a sad tune on his violin with tears in his eyes. She watches him from a distance and walks back to the swimming pool. She sees Min Seo Hyun there and is surprised. Min Seo Hyun tells her that she had some work at the school and also wanted to meet Jan-di for the last time before she leaves. They have a friendly chat and Jan-di thanks Seo Hyun for her kindness. Seo Hyun tells her that Jan di brings a smile to Ji-Hoo’s face.
Ji Hoo notices Min Seo Hyun’s Car at the school and looks for her. He spots Min Seo Hyun and Jan-di sitting on a bench by the pool taking. He looks at them by hiding behind a pillar. Suddenly, Jan-di kneels in front of Min Seo Hyun and begs her not to leave as Ji-Hoo will be shattered if she goes. Ji-Hoo sees it and goes from there. Jan-di tells Seo Hyun that it is she who makes Ji-Hoo smile and if she leaves Ji-Hoo would not be able to smile anymore. Min Seo Hyun is touched by Jan-di’s works and pulls her up. Both of them sits down. Seo Hyun tells Jan-di that if she did not go she would regret it and that Ji-Hoo would not want to see her regretting. Geum Jan Di apologizes to her. Seo Hyun tells her that she is happy that Jan di talked to her that way. She gifts Jan-di the pair of shoes she wore at the Party and asks her to help Ji-Hoo smile again.

Jan-di is walking back home. She sees Ji-Hoo waiting for her. He is furious and shouts at her for begging in front of Seo Hyun for him from school. He asks her if she has any self respect at all. Jan-di replies that it is not because she does not have self respect, it’s because that he is in so much pain that she did it. Ji-Hoo tells her that it is not her concern at all and asks her to get lost.
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Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Story (Part 2)

Lee Min-Ho Gu Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
Jun-pyo is angry. He asks the maids to throw away the dress and shoes.  He then tells the Manager to fire all the maids who waited on telling that it was not up to his expectations. He sees a fly and hide s to escape. The Manager chases the fly away.
Jun-pyo : it’s gone?
Manager : Yes, we chased it out. (Jun-pyo goes and sits on a chair. The maids stand near him with tea).
Jun-pyo: Did you brew the tea?
Maid : Sorry Young Master ( Jun-pyo walks away  after instructing the Manager to fire the maid).
Geum Jan-di   is now wearing her uniform and trying to find her way out from the mansion. She is amazed seeing the washrooms bigger than her whole house. The remembers her conversation with Jun-pyo.
Geum Jan-di   : And one more thing… It seems that you don’t know friends cannot be bought by money… You use your heart to reach out to them.
Jun-pyo: There is nothing that can’t be bought with money. Tell me… if there is such a thing around that money can’t buy. 

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  is walking on the road and realizes that she is wearing the high heels and not school shoe. She takes it out and throws to a house compound. Dogs start barking suddenly. Yoon Ji-hoo comes there riding in a bike.
Yoon Ji-hoo : You again? Geum Jan-di   is embarrassed.
Geum Jan-di   and Yoon Ji-hoo are sitting inside a park.
Geum Jan-di   : Are you going somewhere?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Home… you?
Geum Jan-di  : I am going home too. (He looks at her)
Yoon Ji-hoo : In this manner?
Geum Jan-di  : Some situation came up. (Ji-Hoo laughs) Why? 
Yoon Ji-hoo: Every time I see you… You are in some dramatic situation.
Geum Jan-di  : That’s right! (She sadly looks at her feet) Can I ask you something? (He looks at her) Is there something in this world that cannot be bought by money? Something that even if you are willing to spend millions… you can’t get it. There isn’t right?
Yoon Ji-Hoo : Air!
Geum Jan-di  : Oh yes… Air! (They laugh) Why didn’t I think of it? (Ji-Hoo shuffles her hair)
Yoon Ji-Hoo : You are really an interesting kid. (He walks to his bike and pulls out a pair of shoes. He throws it to Jan-di who catches it promptly) Wear it! If you walk around here like that, you will get caught. See you! (He drives away from there. Geum Jan-di   smiles looking at the shoes)

Geum Jan-di   is at home and she carefully cleans his shoes. 

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Kim Beom So Ye-Jeong Kim Jun Song Woo-Bin  Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di   is at the top floor of the building with a bag in hand, waiting for Ji-Hoo. She comes to the Senior classroom and looks around.  So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin walks in.
So Yi-jeong : Who is this? Isn’t this Gu Jun-pyo’s mortal enemy, the wonder women?
Song Woo-bin : Why are you here? Gu Jun-pyo is not here.
Geum Jan-di : Why would I come to see someone like him? (She turns and walks from there)
Song Woo-bin : Wait! Isn’t that Ji-Hoo’s Sports Shoes? (She hands over the bag to So Yi-jeong)
Geum Jan-di : Please help me return this to him. (She bows and is about to walk from there. So Yi-jeong stops her.
Kim Jun  Song Woo-Bin Kim Beom So Lee-Jeong Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
So Yi-jeong : Wait a moment! Have a cup of tea with us before you leave. (Jan-di looks at him in surprise)
(So Yi-jeong, Song Woo-bin and Geum Jan-di are sitting. The attendant serves tea.
Song Woo-bin: Did you really say that To Gun Jun-pyo?
So Yi-jeong  : You are really amazing . Nobody has talked to Gun-pyo like that before (The Guys see the advertisement of Seo-Hyun. Jan-di looks too).
Song Woo-bin  : It’s Seo-Hyun. She maybe coming back. Ji-Hoo would be really happy.
Geum Jan-di : The four of you have known each other for long, right?
Song Woo-bin  : Yeah, from kinder garden till now.
So Yi-jeong  : You seem to have something in your mind that you are curious to know. Ask us! We will tell you if we know about it. Consider it as a repayment from us.
Geum Jan-di: Repayment?
So Yi-jeong  : For all that fun lately… All thanks to you. (Jan-di smiles)
Geum Jan-di: Are Ji-Hoo Senior and the model Seo-Hyun acquainted?
So Yi-jeong  & Song Woo-bin : Acquainted? (They laugh. Ji-Hoo is practicing violin somewhere in the school premises)
So Yi-jeong  : When Ji-Hoo was 5, he was involved in a Car accident that killed both his parents. He was left alone. He became secluded and withdrawn.  Min Seo-Hyun is the person who got him out of his condition. To us, she is like a sister, friend and childhood playmate. But for Ji-Hoo, she is like his first love, girlfriend and mother.

Geum Jan-di halts near the Ad of Seo-Hyun and looks at it.  At home she is having food with her family and the advertisement of Seo-Hyun comes.  Her Parents and brother talk about the model, but Jan-di is silent. Her mother picks on Jan-di’s lack of beauty and Jan-di leaves the dinner table. Jan-di’s mother is upset seeing the racing tickets purchased by her father.
In the room, Jandi looks at Ji-Hoo’s handkerchief and remembers how he cleaned her up. She smiles and puts the kerchief in her drawer. She then takes a diary and writes JH.

At the college, Jan-di is playing basket ball with her classmates at the College ground. She looks at the F4 playing on the other side of the playground.  She remembers So Yi-jeong telling about Ji-Hoo’s relationship with Min Seo-Hyun and finding him near the glow advertisement. She is lost in thought and one girl in the evil trio throws the ball on Jan-di’s face. She falls down and blood comes out of her nose. Her classmates look at her and makes fun of her. She walks from there without saying anything.

Lee Min-Ho Gu Jun-Pyo Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
The F4 looks at Jan-di confused at her behavior. Jan-di is cleaning up the blood from the nose.  Gu Jun-pyo comes there and looks at her. He goes near her and tries to wipe the blood.  She has tears on her face. She pushes him off.
Gu Jun-pyo : What were you thing? Letting yourself hit on the face like that… Don’t be like that
Geum Jan-di turns to face him: What?
Gu Jun-pyo : Don’t cry! It does not suite you.
Geum Jan-di : What is your problem? Do I have to take your permission now to cry? Are you not supposed to be the happiest person to see me crying and hurt?
Gu Jun-pyo : Is that all you can say to a person who came to help?
Geum Jan-di : Who asked for your help? If everyone died and you were the last one on earth, Then also I would not take your help. I would rather bleed to death than be indebted to you. (She walks to the door.  Gu Jun-pyo pulls her inside and stands facing her).
Gu Jun-pyo : What is it that you hate so much about me? What are you not satisfied with? I am good looking… I am tall… I am smart… I am rich… How can you hate me? Are you really stupid?
Geum Jan-di : Looks like you still don’t know that I dislike everything about you. The way you look, the way you walk… your stupid curly hair… I hate everything about you.
Gu Jun-pyo : Did you take some wrong medicine?
Geum Jan-di : I have not finished talking. It is such an eyesore to see the bunch of you wearing whatever you wish to school… And picking on weak kids for fun with your red card and torturing them.  And your thoughtlessness… That is the worst!
Gu Jun-pyo : You…
Geum Jan-di : You want me to repeat myself? Let me put it short Gun Jun-pyo… I hate everything about you… Everything! (She shouts and walks from there. Gu Jun-pyo is angry and throws away his kerchief and kicks on the wall. He takes a shower to cool himself. At the school premises he sees the notice for school trip for second and third year students and smile).

Jan-di is at the Porridge shop.
Chu Ga-eul : How can a school trip cost 20 million won? Are all the student going?
Geum Jan-di: No, I am not going.  (She tells that she works hard to earn some money and her father has fallen into trouble again.  Chu Ga-eul  tells that they should plead their Parents to let them go for a Holiday together. Chu Ga-eul gets a call from her mother . She asks if she can go with Jan-di. Her Mom agrees and the girls are happy. 

The F4 and the other school kids are at the airport. Gun Jun-pyo and Yoon Ji-hoo are pacing up and down.
So Yi-jeong  : Are you Guys going to keep pacing up and down? (The Trio is ogling at Yoon Ji-hoo. They tell that he is looking extremely handsome.
Song Woo-bin: Gun Jun-pyo… Are you waiting for someone?
Gun Jun-pyo : Waiting? No… Since it is going to be a long flight… I was exercising my leg.
So Yi-jeong  : Okay… But why have you insisted that we go with the rest of the students when we could have used a private jet instead?
Gun Jun-pyo : This is a school trip… and such sufferings can be a memory of my school life. Don’t you think so too Ji-hoo?
Yoon Ji-hoo : What? (The students move from there and Song Woo-bin tells the gang that they should go too. Yoon Ji-hoo and Gun Jun-pyo stays back. Gun Jun-pyo wonders where Jan-di has gone. Yoon Ji-hoo sees the advertisement of Min Seo-Hyun. He sees Guys admiring her beauty and taking photographs. Seo-Hyun is scoming out of the airport. Yoon Ji-hoo spots her and they both smile at each other. Suddenly Seo-Hyun is surrounded by fans for autographs.  Seo-Hyun leaves the fans and comes near Ji-Hoo. They both hug.
Min Seo-Hyun : Have you been doing well?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Yeah!
Min Seo-Hyun : Let’s go! (Yoon Ji-hoo takes the bag and they both walk from there)

Kim So-Eun Choo Ga-Eul Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
The F4 Guys except Ji-Hoo are seated on the plane.  Gun Jun-pyo’s phone rings and he picks it up.
Gun Jun-pyo : What? Where did she go?
Jan-di and Chu Ga-eul are in a boat and singing happily.  They fish for sometime and then sleep.  Suddenly Gun Jun-pyo’s voice is heard on the mike.
Gun Jun-pyo : Hey Dry cleaner! Can you hear me? Commoner! (Both of the girls wake up from sleep)
Geum Jan-di  : What was that? Chu Ga-eul, am I dreaming now?
Chu Ga-eul : I don’t think so.
Geum Jan-di  : But I keep hearing  that irritating Guy’s voice.  (She then notices a cruise ship near by. She sees the F4 (with the exception of Ji-Hoo) and her schoolmates on the ship.  Gun Jun-pyo speaks through the mike).
Kim So-Eun Choo Ga-Eul Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Gun Jun-pyo : I heard that the commoner went to the sea. Look at yourself…
Geum Jan-di  : Hey… Why are you Guys here? Were you suppose to go to North Europe or Fjord?
Gun Jun-pyo : We have already been there. We are sick of that place. We wanted to look for some new place and somebody recommended here. What a coincidence… right? I had no idea that you would be here Dry cleaner.
Geum Jan-di  : Then go on your own route.  Pretend not to know me and I would be really grateful.
Gun Jun-pyo : That Boat is made of wood… Will it be okay?
Geum Jan-di  : Even though it is small, it is still a boat.  It’s none of your Business anyway…
Gun Jun-pyo : Really? Okay… You would not drawn even if the Boat turns. You know to swim, right? (He orders to move the Crise ship. The ship moves from there throwing water towards the boat. Jan-di )
Geum Jan-di  : Gun Jun-pyo… you jerk! 

Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul reaches the shore all drenched. Just then Ji-Hoo and Seo-Hyun alights from a Car.  They walk toward the other members of F4 and Seo-Hyun hugs the Guys. Ji-Hoo spots Jan-di.  Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul walks from there and is stopped by Gun Jun-pyo.
Gun Jun-pyo : Hey Dry cleaner! (Jan-di screams)
Geum Jan-di  : What now?
Gun Jun-pyo : Honestly, You are very happy to meet me at a place like this… right? Tell me! Were you not bored on that fish smelling boat?
Geum Jan-di  : I was very happy before I saw you.
Gun Jun-pyo : No matter what… Since you are a student of our school … come if you want to. (Gun Jun-pyo turns and walks from there)
Geum Jan-di  :  Though I don’t know where to go… I have no intention to follow you. (She coughs. Ji-Hoo walks to Jan-di and Jun-pyo stops)
Yoon Ji-hoo: There is a welcome party for that person( He looks at Seo-Hyun’s direction). Come… It will be fun! (He looks at Chu Ga-eul) You should come too… You would come, right? (He turns and walks from there)
Geum Jan-di  :  I will come… I will definitely come. (Gun Jun-pyo looks at her)

Sunny, Ginger and Miranda comes near Jan-di..
Geum Jan-di  :  I know what you girls want to say. I really do not want to go.
Ginger: Comeon! Since Gun Jun-pyo and Ji-Hoo has invited you… you must come.
Geum Jan-di  :  Okay…
Sunny: But they left something for you… They move towards Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul.
Yoon Ji-hoo and Seo-Hyun are about to go from there. Seo-Hyun spots Geum Jan-di   and looks at her with a sad face.
Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Party Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  and Chu Ga-eul are dropped in a Car in front of a Hotel.
Geum Jan-di  : Is it really okay?
Chu Ga-eul : Yeah… once you go in you will find worse stuff than yours.
Geum Jan-di  : I feel so embarrassed.
Chu Ga-eul : The concept fits the theme well… So go!
Geum Jan-di  : Let’s go back.
Chu Ga-eul : Love can be obtained only by those with courage. So go!
Lee Min-Ho Koo Jun-Pyo Kim Beom  So Ye-Jeong Kim Jun Song Woo-Bin Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di  enters the Hall and sees Men and Women wearing Party dresses dancing. She is embarrassed and tries to go from there. She spots Gun Jun-pyo and hides behind the Buffet table. The wicked girls see her and pulls of her coat. Geum Jan-di    falls on the ground along with the fruit plate with her super women costume exposed.  Gun Jun-pyo looks at her shocked. The girls make fun of her. Jun-pyo is about to move towards Jan-di, then he sees Yoon Ji-hoo taking off his coat and walking towards Geum Jan-di.  Ji-hoo puts the coat on her shoulders.  Min Seo-Hyun wipes off the mess from her hand and body using tissues from her bag. She notices Gun Jun-pyo looking at Jan-di. Min Seo-Hyun gets up and faces the evil trio.
Min Seo-Hyun : I know why you girls did this. But do you know that it proves that how low you are. (she looks at Ji-hoo). What are you doing Ji-Hoo? Hurry… Help her to my room. Ji-hoo takes Jan-di from there followed by Seo-Hyun. The students clap and cheer as they pass by.
Song Woo-bin  : This Ji-Hoo… Why is he doing these unfathomable things?
So Lee-Jeong : I don’t know … But isn’t this fun? (Gun Jun-pyo is annoyed and drinks a whole glass in one go. He then throws the glass to the floor)

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Party Boys over Flowers
Min Seo-Hyun is applying makeup on Geum Jan-di.  Jan-di is dressed up in a pretty pink dress.
Geum Jan-di : Thank you! You did not have to go to this much trouble for me.
Min Seo-Hyun : I like to do this. So don’t worry!
Geum Jan-di : This is not the place where I am supposed to be from the beginning.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo invited you… If you are Ji-Hoo’s friend … you are a precious friend to me too!
Geum Jan-di : Nothing like that! He just invited out of courtesy.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is not someone like that. I am seeing him standing up for someone for the first time.
Geum Jan-di : Ji-Hoo Senior has always been attentive.
Min Seo-Hyun : Ji-Hoo is attentive? See what I mean. That’s because Jan-di is a very special person.  I heard that you suffered a lot because of Jun Pyo. I heard that you swore not to bow down to him.
Geum Jan-di : Yeah…
Min Seo-Hyun : It’s because he is lonely. He is hiding his loneliness behind violence.
Geum Jan-di : Gun Jun Pyo is lonely? How can that be?
Min Seo-Hyun : He saw his Parents only one month in an year.  From the moment he was born, he was not raised like a normal child.  He was treated like a heir. You know what that feels like? (Geum Jan-di nods no) Don’t lose to him!
Geum Jan-di : What?
Min Seo-Hyun : I like Geum Jan-di… so I will cheer for you here after.  We are done now. Get up! (Geum Jan-di  gets up trying to pull the dress down.  Min Seo-Hyun notices her Sandals and makes Jan-di wear one of her own).
Geum Jan-di : They are so pretty…
Min Seo-Hyun : To Women, shoes are very important.
Geum Jan-di : Why?
Min Seo-Hyun : Because good shoes take you to good places.  You are ready now. Let’s go! (They hold hands and leave the room).
Geum Jan-di makes an entranc eto the hall with Min Seo-Hyun. The F4 Guys look on with a smile. Min Seo-Hyun leaves Geum Jan-di at the door and walks toward Ji-Hoo. Geum Jan-di stand there smiling. Gun Jun Pyo drops his plate.
Min Seo-Hyun : It is not gentlemanly to ignore such a beautiful lady. (She pushes Ji-Hoo forward. Ji-Hoo walks to Geum Jan-di and extends his hand to her as  Gun Jun Pyo looks on)
Episode ends

Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Story (Part 1)

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is in the school dressing room wearing school uniform. Suddenly some Guys bounce on her and tries to carry her away from there. Jan-di screams and tries to push the Guys away. The Guys try to undress her but stops when some one speaks. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : Are you Guys having a group training session here? (The Guys stop but continues holding her. Ji hoo walks towards Jan-di and kneels beside her) Are you sure you did not forget anything in the Pancake recipe you gave me?
Jan-di : What?
Yoon Ji-hoo : I did as you instructed.  But it did not turn out the way it should.
Jan-di :  Did you add Baking powder?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Oh… Yeah… That… And they sell the Pancake Mix… Now what to do? 
Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Kim Hyun-Joong Yun Ji-Hu Boys over Flowers
Jan-di : Let go!
(Yoon Ji-hoo looks at the Guys) Why are you Guys still here?
Student : Gu Jun-pyo senior said… 
Yoon Ji-hoo : That is none of your Business.  (The Guys leave her and runs from there. Yoon Ji-hoo takes a towel and puts it around Jan-di’s shoulders.) You are getting goose bumps. (He turns and walks from there) Baking Powder… now I know. Seems like I have to try again!
Jan-di : Senior! (Yoon Ji-hoo turns and looks at her). Thank you for helping me. 
Yoon Ji-hoo : I was not helping you. I could not stand such annoying behavior. (She cries)

Lee Min-Ho Koo Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
The 3 Boys report to Gu Jun-pyo at his house. 
Gu Jun-pyo : What? Ji-hoo stopped you?
Student: Yes, He appeared right at that moment
Gu Jun-pyo : Who asked you to do those things?
Student: Did you not tell to make Geum Jan-di suffer?
Gu Jun-pyo : I just told to scare her…so that she admits the mistake. Who told you to do that all?
Students:  Sorry Senior… It’s our fault. We are leaving!
Gu Jun-pyo :  Do you Guys want to leave the school too? Get lost! I don’t want to see your faces! (The students run away from there. Gu Jun Pyo is angry) Get lost!

Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is in the porridge shop. 
Chu Ga-eul :  Jan-di Are you really alright?
Geum Jan-di : It’s nothing big.
Chu Ga-eul : How can you say that? 
Geum Jan-di :  Those F4… I did not realize that they were so bad.
Chu Ga-eul : Birds of same feather flock together… right? Geum Jan-di : Nothing like that? Chu Ga-eul : Why no? Geum Jan-di : One of them is different…  (The Porridge shop Manager nods his head in agreement)
Chu Ga-eul : One of them? Who?  (Geum Jan-di takes the handkerchief out of her pocket and looks at it)

Kim Hyun-Joong Yun Ji-Hu Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Han Chae-Young Min Seo-Hyeon Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di is riding the bicycle through the street and stops when she sees an Advertisement featuring Min Seo-hyun (Han Chae-young).
Geum Jan-di : She is so pretty in this advertisement too… (She smiles and licks her lollipop. The continues riding the bicycle. She passes Yoon Ji-hoo touching the model’s picture. She stops the bicycle) Senior… You like her too? (Yoon Ji-hoo walks back and stands near her) No matter what… touching an advertisement like that would dirty your hands. (He looks at his hands. Geum Jan-di pulls out some tissues from her bag and gets out of the cycle. Instead of handing over the tissues to Ji-hoo, Jan-di walks to the glow hoarding and starts wiping it with the tissues.  Yoon Ji-hoo smiles seeing that. Jan-di wipes the hoarding clean and stands beside Ji-hoo admiring the model). She is very pretty… isn’t she? Just like a Goddess who descended on earth…
Yoon Ji-hoo : Goddess?
Geum Jan-di : Yes, Not only is she beautiful but also she is smart. She donates most of the money she earns as a model. It is only recently she passed the French International Lawyer exam.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Do you know this Woman? 
Geum Jan-di : Of course! She is my idol…
Yoon Ji-hoo : Idol? (Both of them smile)
Geum Jan-di : Although everyone thought that she would take over her family Business after she becomes a graduate, I did not think so. I always thought that she would do something better (Yoon Ji-hoo looks at Jan-di surprised by her admission) On every school Holiday, she would go to Africa and Afghanistan. She also went to Tibet not long ago. (They both smile). Though this may be just my imagination… I hope she would marry someone of royal status or someone who may become a President… like Diana or Audrey Hepburn who contribute towards world peace. (Ji-Hoo looks a bit annoyed)
Yoon Ji-hoo :  She is just a model.
Geum Jan-di : Why not? Did the French President not divorce his wife to be with a model? Who would know… Maybe the next French President or some European Prince may fall for her at first sight and ask her hand in marriage. I think there is a high possibility of that happening. Don’t you think so too?
Yoon Ji-hoo : Every time I see you… I find you noisy and irritating. (He walks from there)
Geum Jan-di : Hey… I was just telling… (Geum Jan-di is sad seeing his sudden behavior change). Geum Jan-di reaches her home. She eats dinner with family while Geum Kang San (Park Ji Bin) shares news from the internet. He tells her that a female student of her school is pregnant and the family runs to look at the computer. Geum Kang San tells them that a certain commoner , a second year student of the Shinhwa High is pregnant. The family discusses on the topic.

Kim Beom So Lee-Jeong Kim Jun   Song Woo-Bin Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di enters the school building. The students are talking. Geum Jan-di finds students glancing at her. When she reaches the classroom, she finds that someone has spread the pregnancy gossip about her. She is shocked. The F4 are having tea together.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Why the silence today?
So Yi-jeong : I am putting a bet on Jan-di 
Gu Jun-pyo : Wait and watch! She will come anytime now. That girl doesn’t know her limits.
Yoon Ji-hoo : What prank have you played this time?
Kim Hyun-Joong  Yun Ji-Hoo Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : Why do you want to know? So that you can save her again? (So Yi-jeong and Song Woo-bin look at each other not knowing what they are talking about) 
Yoon Ji-hoo : You should not push this too far.
Gu Jun-pyo : Since when did you start caring about all this? If you are not going to help, Go mind your own business.
Yoon Ji-hoo : Making life for a girl difficult is childish and ridiculous.
F4 Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : Does she look like a girl to you? I must teach her a lesson… don’t you know the rules? 

Geum Jan-di wipes the board clean. The wicked girls come near Jan-di. They show her the news on the internet about the real identity of the pregnant girl of Shinhwa High. She finds dirty towels on her desk. Sunny disinfects the towels. The girls make fun of her and asks her how it feels like to smell like gross. Jan-di picks up the towels and walk out of the door.

Lee Min-Ho  Koo Jun-Pyo Boys over Flowers
She reaches the room where the F4 gang is sitting.
Gu Jun-pyo : Talking of the devil! She has come to see me… If you have come to apologize you are a bit late. Geum Jan-di : I would not tolerate it anymore. The warning… outcome… These words are all prepared for you. Do you know that?
Gu Jun-pyo : Hey Laundry girl… Is that how people like you apologize?
Geum Jan-di : Then maybe among you people the victim should apologize to the culprit. (She trows the towels to the sofa where Gun Jun-pyo is sitting. Gun Jun-pyo throws the towels to the floor and stands up)
Lee Min-Ho   Gu Jun-Pyo Shower Scene Boys over Flowers
Gu Jun-pyo : What did you say? (Geum Jan-di moves back and takes a karate pose. The Guys are surprised). You… What are you doing? Have you gone mad?
Geum Jan-di : I told you that I won’t sit back and take it anymore. I told you clearly. (She shouts. Then jumps and delivers a spinning back kick on his face. Gu Jun-pyo falls on the ground. She walks towards him). Did you see me sleeping around with a man? Did you even see me holding hands with a Guy? How dare you spread all those rumors about a chase and pure girl like me who hasn’t even had her first kiss yet? (She stamps her feet in front of him. She lifts a towel from down and throwns at his face. The F4 members are smiling at the plight of their leader. Gu Jun-pyo throws the towel away from his face). If you continue your filthy tricks… I will kill you! (She walks out of the room. Gu Jun-pyo has a shocked expression on his face while his friends laugh).

Yoon Ji-hoo is looking at tarot cards while So Lee-Jeong and Song Woo-Bin are playing the pool game.   Gu Jun-pyo is sitting and smiling thinking of something.
Song Woo-Bin : Why is he so amused?
So Lee-Jeong : She actually managed to pull a spinning back kick on the mighty Gu Jun-pyo. It is been a while we had fun at school. (Gu Jun Pyo is still smiling) But…Don’t you think that she reminds you of someone?
Song Woo-Bin : You are right! I was also thinking the same. (They both remember that Jan-di reminds them of Jun Hee).
Gu Jun-pyo: What? Don’t joke…
Song Woo-Bin : Yeah… There are some similarities between the two.
Gu Jun-pyo: What similarities? How can you compare that girl with my sister?
So Lee-Jeong : If she is like your sister or not is best known to you. But why were you laughing at yourself just now? Did something get into your head?
Gu Jun-pyo: Haven’t you Guys understood it yet?
Song Woo-Bin : What?
Gu Jun-pyo : That chick… No matter what I do is totally into me.
So Lee-Jeong : What? Gu Jun-pyo How on earth did you reach that conclusion? 
Gu Jun-pyo : You Guys… How can you call your self an expect on love? Girls always say what they do not mean at heart. Though the chick appears to hate me on the surface… she has an infatuation on me.
Song Woo-Bin : Yeah? 
Gu Jun-pyo : Think about it. She does not want the Guy she likes misunderstand her . That is why she raised the topic of being pure and innocent.
So Lee-Jeong : So… that is the logic
Song Woo-Bin : She mentioned about first kiss 
Gu Jun-pyo : That is her way of saying that she is waiting for her first kiss from me. (So Lee-Jeong claps)
So Lee-Jeong : Bravo! That was impressive 
Gu Jun-pyo. You are my friend… But that’s really something. Gu Jun-pyo laughs : That’s true! She thinks that she can fool me by acting mad… ( Unaware to all the conversation between the 3 friends, Yoon Ji Hoo picks up the lovers card) 

Ku Hye-Seon  Geum Jan-Di Lee Jeong-Kil  Yun Seok-Yeong Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di stealthily reaches the school. She is annoyed that despite of all what happens, she has no choice other than attending the school. Four Guys suddenly appear before her and asks to follow them. Jan-di tries to avoid them saying that she is busy. The Guys tell that they have orders to bring her. Geum Jan-di runs from there and the Guys follow her. Geum Jan-di hides herself behind plants and the guys search for her. When the Guys cannot find her they leave from there. Geum Jan-di runs out of the school campus and the Guys forcefully takes her from there in a Car. She tries to escape.

Lee Min-Ho   Gu Jun-Pyo Ku Hye-Seon Geum Jan-Di Boys over Flowers
Geum Jan-di : Are you Guys trying to kidnap me? ( A Guy applies chloroform on her and she becomes unconscious. The Guys take her away from there.) Geum Jan-di is waking up. She senses the fragrance and realizes someone is massaging her body. She opens her eyes. They wax her legs and applies makeup for her. She is dressed up like a pretty doll with accessories and designer dress. The Manager takes Geum Jan-di to Gu Jun-pyo’s room. Te maids look at her as they pass by. The Manager reveals that it is the first time the Young Master has bought a girl to home.
Geum Jan-di : Can I ask you something?
Manager : Yes! Geum Jan-di : This is our country Korea …right?
Manager : Right! Geum Jan-di : Am I in the President’s house or something?
Manager : No! Geum
Jan-di : Can I ask another Question
Manager : Yes… Go ahead Miss 
Geum Jan-di : Don’t call me Miss. Just call me Jan-di… Geum Jan-di .
Manager : Yes miss Geum Jan-di (Geum Jan-di is annoyed) 
Geum Jan-di : Why am I here now?
Manager : I don’t know anything about that Miss.
Geum Jan-di : Where are we going?
Manager : We have already reached there Miss. He is waiting for you Miss.
Geum Jan-di : Waiting for me? Who? (The Manager points her to the room. She goes into a hall and finds a man with his back on her. She walks towards him thinking if it is Yoon Ji-hoo . The man turns towards her. Geum Jan-di is shocked to see Gu Jun-pyo in front of her). You! What are you here for?
Gu Jun-pyo : What is so strange about me being in my home? (He walks towards her) 
Geum Jan-di : Your home? So this is your house Gu Jun-pyo 
Gu Jun-pyo : Yes
Geum Jan-di : What are you thinking of doing it again? (She takes a defense pose. Gu Jun-pyo smiles)
Gu Jun-pyo: I have done what I wanted to already (Geum Jan-di is shocked. He pulls her towards a mirror and shows her reflection) You are shocked , right? You see… Money can turn an ugly duckling to a swan too. 
Geum Jan-di : What are you up to now? Who asked you to do all this? 
Gu Jun-pyo: Hey commoner… If you like me just say so…
Geum Jan-di : What? 
Gu Jun-pyo : Oh right! You like to talk in opposites 
Geum Jan-di : Gu Jun-pyo… There is a limit for jokes. This is illegal kidnapping and that’s a terrible crime. Gu Jun-pyo :  Nobody is around. So you can tell me openly that you like me. Hereafter, I will make an exception and recognize you outside the school. (She looks at him shocked) Why? This explosive proposal scared you silly? Shall I repeat myself? If you do as I say… When nobody is around… I can treat you as the Almighty Jun-Pyo’s girlfriend. Understand?
Geum Jan-di : You are crazy… right? You have really gone crazy.  Have you eaten some wrong food? Who? Become whose? What? Forget it! I am leaving. (She turns to walk away. Jun-pyo blocks her way)
Gu Jun-pyo : You are the one who has gone crazy.
Geum Jan-di :  Move aside while I am being nice. 
Gu Jun-pyo : Do you know how much was spend on you from head to toe? 100 million Won
Geum Jan-di : 100 million Won?
Gu Jun-pyo : That’s right! But that is nothing… If you are with me… You can enjoy more than that every single day. Are you saying you don’t want it? Are you crazy?
Geum Jan-di : Being kidnapped by a Psycho like you here… How can I be in my right state of mind? The moment I see you, I feel like bugs crawling over all my body. (She removes the earrings and throws it down, followed by the necklace. She is about to remove her dress when she remembers that she does not have her clothes with her. She shouts) Get me my uniform now!

Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Story (Part 2)
Boys over Flowers Episode 2 Video