Saturday, May 23, 2015

Parth Samthaan Exclusive Interview

Parth Samthaan has won hearts with his portrayal of the character Manik Malhotra in MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. I am pleased to bring you an Exclusive Interview of this heartthrob of small screen.
Q: What made you choose modeling and acting as a Career option?
A: Modelling... I was not that keen on doing it. But to start up with I thought of getting into it. And once I got into it I realized that acting is something I would like to do and slowly I learned acting. I did a course also and joined theater. Along with that I did a couple of short films. From there I realized that I am not bad at it and can be good if I work towards it. Also, it was slowly and steadily becoming my passion. My interests were developing towards that field itself. So yes! I got into that!
Q: If you were not an Actor, what would you be?
A: I would be an Architect because I am pursuing Architecture. I am into my final year and not able to figure out time for that. So hopefully soon I get time for that. So yes...I would have been an Architect!
Q: What do you like most about your Profession and what do you like least?
A: What I like most is the passion. You get to play different characters and different roles through out your life and through out your profession. And that is the best part! You can be a Doctor... You want to be a College boy... You want to be a villain... You want to be a hero... you can be whatever character you want to play...That's the best part of my profession. And what I like least ... I don't think there is anything I don't like. I just love everything. So yes! It's a good package to be in.
Q: How do you feel about being referred to as the Emraan Hashmi of small screen? 
A:  I wouldn't say that I didn't know about it. But yes! To be honest I heard about all that. And you know it's not something I am actually happy or delighted about. It's just that I am doing my part. I am doing my work. And comparisons will always happen where ever you go and whatever you do. Even if I come into films, there will be comparisons. So you can take it in a good way and take it as a compliment and move on... that's it!
Q: How different are you in real from your screen character Manik?
A: I would rather say attitude. Besides attitude everything is different. Attitude is the same. In fact, when I talk to people in normal life also they feel that Manik is talking off screen. So attitude wise tone wise it's me but behavior wise and thoughts wise Manik is totally different from what I am.
Q: One of the Warrior High characters is named after you. What do you have to say about it?
A: That's not only me. I would like to say. I would like to remind you that a lot of people from our show have been named. We take it as a plus point for us. Yes, that's about it. We are happy about it. Good to know!
Q: Many Television Stars are migrating to Bollywood. Would we get to see you on the big screen too?
A: Yes, definitely! Most probably this will be my last Show on Television. Henceforth I will be taking a break and I will be getting into films. So yes, I will work on myself and I am waiting for the right project. It is not that I haven't got offers. I have got offers, but I am waiting for the ideal project to work on. I feel it's not about the first film. It is about the second film. It is easy to get your first film but it is difficult to get your second film. So you need to work and make sure that your first film works.
Q: Do you feel that fans interfere in your personal life too much? Anything you want to say about it?
A: Yes, I feel that they have been interfering these days a lot. A lot of people are very much interested in what's going on behind the scenes... who I am meeting... or who I am chilling with. And in a way they also criticize or comment not in a positive way... but in a negative way. You know somewhere down the line they feel possessive or they feel bad about who I am hanging out with and rather criticize. And that's not good and that's something I don't appreciate. This is something I have been wanting to tell all the fans and all the people around there. Please... it's my personal life... let's keep it personal. I am sure you also have your personal life and you wouldn't want people to criticize your friends, family or your loved ones. So please... don't get into that!
Q: On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes or anything else?
A:  I spend the most on traveling. I would like to spend maximum on traveling...on experiences... on journeys... on making memories rather than making assets for myself.... rather than buying materialistic things. So yes! Traveling and making memories is something I would like to spend on. Besides that, accessories... I am not an accessories friendly person but clothes yes... sometimes I do buy. Yeah!
Q: What do you like to do when you are not working? 
A: As I said earlier, Traveling is something I like. So yes, if I am not working I would rather go out... mostly out of station... I would like to go somewhere and chill... roam around... meet new people ... go down the empty street... go down a new street where you don't know where you are going and meeting random people and see beautiful places. Yeah, that's something I would like to do. If at all, I just get one day free... I would rather sleep (laughs) because I need some rest too!
Q: What is one thing you would like to change about yourself?
A: I sometimes happen to have a sort of a short temper. And somehow I would like to control my anger. So yes, that's something I would like to work on.
Q: Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?
A: As far as I can remember, I can just say that whoever has come mostly... not just one... mostly people are excited to see the character of the show. So as in they get so lively seeing us and their reactions are totally out of this world. I mean you can see the craziness and obsession they have with the show which is good for us... which is great for us. So yeah, we are pretty much happy knowing all this. We have encountered a lot of funny incidents and I can't remember just one. But yes, there are many incidents that have happened.
Q: Do you have a message for your fans?
A: Yes, I do! Thank you for watching the show through out. It's been almost a year and you guys have been tolerating us since a year (laughs). Jokes apart, Yes... Thank you for supporting us and thank you for liking all the characters on the Show and the story.  Thanks for cheering us, supporting us and backing us. In fact, to be honest, you Guys are the ones for whom we work for. And you Guys motivate us and inspire us in such a way that we keep working more harder. It is not that we have reached some level to the success and are happy now and want to be lazying around. We want to work more harder, so that we can please you and make sure that we entertain you to such an extent that you Guys keep liking us all the time. So thank you for the support and thank you for watching the Show. Thank you!