Monday, August 31, 2015

KY2 Fans succeed! Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 starts from today!

For all those who have wanted Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2 can now rejoice as KY2 Season 2 is starting today, the 31st August 2015. However, as per reliable sources I choose not to disclose, Parth Samthaan may not be part of the KYY Cast.
KY2 fans had demanded a Season 2 with all the main leads of the season one intact. Majority of Viewers had made it very clear through Social Media that they won’t watch the Show if Parth or Niti is absent in KYY Season 2. They also had made it clear that they will not accept Niti being paired with any other actor. But BBC has decided that the Show must go on as it does not make any sense in closing a show that is extremely popular despite of its numerous flaws. And they are right as no show should depend on just one actor. There are other actors who have proved their worth through the Show and it is unfair to them to wind up the Show. If an actor wants to move on to greener pastures there is no point in holding him back. And if the fans really love the said actor, they will let him go and support his decision.
Will the Creative’s of the Show will be able to make KYY Season 2 as Popular as the Season 1? As of now it looks doubtful because they had diverted from the story and concentrated on MaNan more in the first season. The MaNan pair portrayed by Parth and Niti has so many obsessed fans who have openly expressed their dislike for Season 2 without MaNan. All the lead actors of the Show were supposed to get equal exposure, but somewhere down the line the Creative’s gave into the viewers demand and prioritized MaNan. They chose to forget that no Show should depend on any one actor. It is because of this for many viewers KY2 equals MaNan/ PaNi. This Show has given Parth Samthaan name and fame. It has given him a huge fan following. Think about it! He was ‘nobody’ prior to KY2. Other than some episodic shows, he was only part of Best Friends Forever which he chose to quit after appearing in a few episodes. So if the Creative’s are capable of making an actor or couple popular, they are capable of doing it again and the viewers should trust them.
Having said the above, I still feel that success is not going to come that easily for Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2. If the makers of the Show want success they should ensure that they correct all the flaws of Season 1. They should come up with a sensible and refreshing story. As the saying goes, ‘Content is the King’. If the content of the Show is good enough, people will like it and there is no need for the Show to be 'Bold' to keep the viewers hooked to the Show. However, if the Channel and Creative’s are thinking that there can mint money by showing product advertisements as part of the Show with Season 2 as well, they are mistaken. The viewers may have tolerated ‘garbage’ for the sake of MaNan in Season 1, but they will not tolerate it anymore! Despite of the pathetic KY2 finale week and senseless final episode, many fans still think that the Writer of the Show still can undo the damage he did in Season 1, if you look at some of the responses received on the writer’s tweet below.
So let’s see what is in store by giving at least a week for the Show before deciding if it is worth watching or not.  A Show does not depend on a few fans. The Creative's of the Show definitely may have thought of some strategy to retain the existing viewers and attract new viewers for sure. So those who do not want to watch the Show sans Parth Samthaan, they are free to do so! If some fans drop out, others may take their place. What do you think? Please feel free to share your opinion.