Friday, August 14, 2015

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2 makes no sense!

I know that some of you are waiting for KY2 Season 2, but does it really make sense to come up with a new season of the Show?
Every Show needs a Story to survive: The Show shamelessly used BOF to sell it initially and MaNan after that. The Creative’s have taken advantage of the KY2 fans obsession for MaNan and have been dishing out utter garbage to the viewers. Think about it! Does KY2 have a proper story line? Is there any logic or reasoning behind anything in KY2? It is a miracle that the Show has survived till date despite of lack of finality of scenes, bad editing, lack of logic or reasoning in scenes, bloopers, poor execution, bad audio quality, filler scenes and irritating sponsor ads shown as part of the show to name a few. For Instance, just take the example of the last two episodes. Uttz suddenly became D Star. The hard disk Nyonika gave to Mr Khurana came back to her miraculously for Manik to find it. The last two episodes also had the characters Mukti, Dhruv and Navya promoting sponsor products. There is a limit to how much crap can be tolerated. Either the Actors will want to move out of the Show or the viewers will boycott the Show if this continues.
For most Viewers KYY equals to MaNan: I am sure everyone would agree that no Show should depend on just 2 actors. Even if a character is missing in an episode or two, viewers should not feel affected as the other characters have parallel story lines that keep the viewers engaged. But as you all know, that’s not the case with Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan. The other characters in the Show are underutilized. Most of the viewers are unable to tolerate some of the other actors on the Show and it's a failure from CV's part. The viewers of this show are mostly young adults and what keeps majority of them hooked to KYY are the bold MaNan scenes. And why not? No other show on Indian Television has such scenes. Even the kissing and consummation scenes on other shows look amateurish when compared to the normal romantic scenes in KYY. Despite of it, I wonder why it has not come to the notice of Broadcasting Content Complaints Council (BCCC).
Creative freedom does not exist! Yes, Any Writer of KYY season 2 (I doubt if that is happening) should keep no hopes that they can exercise their creative freedom because they will have to give in to the fans demands. Fans will generously give ideas and plots through forums or messages and they will expect the Writers to follow it. In short, the Writers will not have the power to determine what happens in the Show without restraint. KYY Writers so far have used a lot of fan ideas and given into fan demands. And if the makers don’t give into the demands, the fans will make their lives miserable by harassing them on social media. Most of the people who are reading this will want to kill me alive for saying this.  But ask any Writer if they like others interfering in their creative freedom and I am sure their answer will be negative. Personally I don’t think there is anything wrong in giving suggestions but demanding and forcing is wrong! If a Writer is chosen for a project, it is because they have proved their worth and the makers have faith in them to do justice to the Show. I am sure the makers will think twice about the present scenario before coming up with a Season 2.
Viewers cannot be taken for granted:  In all probability, Parth Samthaan coming back to KY2 Season 2 could be a promotional tactic to market KY2 Season 2. Parth had almost quit KY2 in March 2015 but had given statements that he is not quitting when he was all set to quit. It is only later he changed his decision and confirmed to fans that he is ‘not going anywhere as of now’. However, he also gave a statement on TOI saying, “There is no specific time when I will leave. If I find something that is appropriate for me or something that makes me grow as an actor, I will take that up”. He also has made clear in many Interviews that he wants to try doing new things especially films and KY2 is most probably his last Show. If the Makers of the Show are trying to market the new season using the name of the Show and Parth’s popularity to make KY2 fans watch KYY Season 2, then the consequences can be really bad if they won’t be able to fulfill their promise of Manik’s re-entry. If the fans can make a Channel or Actor popular, they are capable of destroying too! If the makers have seen the response for twitter trend ‪#‎NoKyyWithoutParthNiti‬, they may wrap up KY2 once for all giving it a happy ending and probably may drop their plans for Season 2 as there is too much negativity. Anyways, all news of Parth Samthaan in KY2 Season 2 at the moment are just assumptions as neither the makers nor the actor has given any statement regarding the same.
Good, Bad or Ugly… Shows can influence Viewers: Yes, Shows and Characters can influence viewers. So it is the moral responsibility of Channel and makers to come up with content that will influence the viewers positively. While I agree that KY2 has tried to highlight some society issues, they have not been very successful doing it. While I fully agree with Gay rights, I definitely can’t accept a student teacher relationship (Neither in KY2 nor in Warrior High). My Indian ethos and values are against anything that violates the purity of the teacher-student relationship.  Whatever the reasons, I can’t also justify the act of bullying or sleeping around.  Any KY2 viewer will accept that the character of Nandini has been butchered beyond repair. If you are a visitor of KY2 forums, social networking or fan pages you will see a lot of teens displaying symptoms of depression and obsession. I personally know many KY2 fans who have confessed that KY2 has affected their studies and personal lives.  Two days back I saw a tweet @fireflies640 saying, “Fear of losing MaNan is so much that one MaNan fan got hospitalized. Pray for her!” The writer of KY2 Vishal Watwani @vagabond_vishal tweeted in response to the tweet, “Nothing is bigger than your ownself, so plz plz take care n b responsible to yourself”. But can we really expect that from teenagers? Can the Channel and makers really wash their hands off their moral responsibility towards viewers? While I sympathize with whoever it is, I can’t help laughing when I remember another tweet from @2310ayesha to Narendra Modi saying, “What are you doing? KY2 CV’s are ruining Manik ka character n u r sitting silently? Do something! MaNan can’t end like this!” This tweet is a perfect example of how desperate and obsessed some fans are.
I mean no offense to anyone! But after witnessing the obsession for a Show like KY2, I had to write this! Since it is not certain if Parth Samthaan will return in KYY season 2, I think the Creative’s should close all loops and give a logical end to the story once for all than drag it to Season 2.  Do you agree with me or not? Do share your opinion!