Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Parth Samthaan in News!

The Story till now: Parth Samthaan has continuously stayed in news on Social Networking sites and forums because of his confusing posts on Social Media and controversies. He wanted to quit KY2 in March 2015 but stayed back because of the emotional outburst of fans. He also has managed to make dedicated fans that will go to any extent for him. His fans have left no stones unturned in bashing the females seen with him (including Disha Patani, Scarlett Rose and his KYY female co-stars) or anyone who dared to speak against him. As soon as the news came out that his character may be terminated as he is leaving the Show, they started blaming Karishmaa Oluchi. The KY2 female lead Niti Taylor and Parth’s friend Vikas Gupta also has constantly been a topic of bashing of the Parth fanatics. Majority of fans (Parth fans, Niti fans, MaNan/PaNi fans) forgot their differences and trended for Season 2 with the same Cast and PaNi as lead characters. Their joint efforts worked and MTV Business Head Aditya Swamy announced KYY Season 2 on 30th August 2015. Though many TV News sites posted articles that Parth Samthaan will not be a part of the Show, many fans chose to believe that he would join the cast after his visit to Bangalore. However, Parth put an end to all speculations of fans by posting a statement on Instagram and Twitter that he is not part of KYY Season 2. Now the fans have found a new target in Aditya Swamy ever since a Parth fan tweeted that Parth Samthaan left the Show because Aditya Swamy insulted him. The fans have been trending #MTVBringParthBack demanding Aditya Swamy to apologize to Parth and bring him back to the show. As per the latest Article on India Forums he was quoted saying, “My exit from the show is completely my choice and my decision". He rubbished all rumors of Niti Taylor or anyone else being the reason for his quitting the Show. What is funny is that despite of the confirmation from the actor himself, his fans have not stopped trending on twitter demanding to bring him back to the Show.
As per an Article on Telechakkar Parth Samthaan is roped as male lead opposite Sonal Vengurlekar for the Show Hawa Hawai on &TV.  Though Parth has not confirmed, the chances of the news being true cannot be ruled out as &TV is a GEC Channel of ZEE and Vikas Gupta is &TV Head of Fiction Programming. All the Shows Parth has done (except for BFF and the episodic and Savadhaan India) so far is somehow related to Vikas Gupta. Vikas was associated with the MTV Shows Gumrah, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan and Warrior High; he was associated with YHA and PTKK also. But there are chances that it may not be true as well as Parth personally said in many interviews that KY2 would probably be his last Show and he want to make an entry to Bollywood. Whatever the case may be hats off to Parth Samthaan or whoever handles his PR for staying in news by influencing fans and gossip-mongers.  It is not wrong to say that the success of any actor depends on how much he/she is on news. When an Actor vanishes from the big/small screen or from news, he/she will be forgotten in no time. If anyone thinks that the IF Forum article is fake, they may check out the video below!
Another news that has come up is that Parth Samthaan is likely to be seen as a contestant in Bigg Boss’s season 9. Anyways, let’s wait and see if these news turns to be true as the actor has still not confirmed the same. However, by quitting Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Parth Samthaan has branded himself as a quitter as he quit Best Friends forever, Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya and Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. As per the above video Parth Samthaan says, “There are some things in life that tells you that you need to grow. Whenever you all will grow up and start working, then you all will always look for promotions in your jobs. You cannot work in the same company for years else you will get bored. I am young as well and growth is necessary".  With this statement, Parth has made it clear that he cannot stick to any project for long.  Personally I would not watch a Show where I may end up seeing another actor playing the same lead character after some time. What about you? Do share your Opinion!